Dear Magical One,

Never question yourself again.


Your Intuition

We all have magic inside us that can be tapped into at any moment.

This magic is our intuition, our gut feelings. Nothing woo-woo about it. 😉 We all have it.

It’s the special ingredient that gives a Knowingness, a confidence, and an absolute trust in ourselves that makes us feel alive, and in our truth!

Sometimes this connection gets clouded with pain, fear, and self doubt causing a loss in our personal power.

Which can lead to feeling defeated and questioning the decisions you make in your life! Ugh. No fun.

I don’t want you to struggle with self doubt or feeling defeated. It sucks. I’ve spent many years feeling this way and it was horrible.

One way to prevent this is by tapping into your intuition. You can do this by clearing out energy in your space and connect to your higher self.

It is waiting for you, and all you have to do is tune in.

I created this meditation to guide you in doing just that.

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May this support you on your journey.



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"Carla was able to help me identify things about my ideal client that I would have never discovered on my own, and this has allowed me to bring the absolute most value to my clients AND be able to share this with them in a way that will deeply resonate and result in more women signing up for my programs and working with me individually.

Thank you so much Carla! Working with you has been a FUN and extremely productive experience!
Elysia H.
“After working with Carla for just a short time, I was able to have a complete paradigm shift. ​

Carla helped me see that it was getting in the way of my getting anything productive done because working in that environment made me feel overwhelmed. ​

I find working with Carla really easy. She engenders trust from the beginning. She is easy to talk to and one of the most intuitive people I’ve met.”
Susan B.

"I can't say enough about how much her work has helped me become centered in myself and gain clarity. Her intuition is right on, she is loving and calm and present.

We cleared many things that had been holding me back and no longer serve me. I am feeling much more vibrant, clear and confident to move forward with ease. Working with Carla has been a blessing and a joy. "

Brigitte P.

Carla Chrzan is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, life illuminator, and a goddess of light. Her mission is to show people how to rediscover their inner magic.

With the study of multiple healing disciplines over the past 20 years, Carla shares her vast scope of knowledge and intuitive gifts to offer unique and personalized insights with her clients.

As a compassionate teacher, she guides her clients to connect with their own intuition, trust their higher self, regain their power, and be the master of their own lives.

She has a passion for painting, a deep love for her rescued Pitbull Luna, and a magnificent curiosity that inspires a nomadic lifestyle of travel and exploration.

Her calling is to shine light on the shadows of life.

Be part of a small group of kindred spirits meeting for 90 minutes to explore intuition,

spirit guides, and all things metaphysical.

You’ll receive coaching, healing, and guidance to refine & strengthen your gifts.

Just $33 per session.

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I call upon my Ancestor, Spirit Guides, Angels, Ascendent Masters, Fairies, Mother Earth, and Creator… please clear all blocks, fears, doubts, concerns, beliefs, energies, entities, and/or imprinting that is preventing me from fully hearing, feeling, seeing, Knowing my Truth.

Please bring all of my energy bodies into balance.

Please show me what unconditional love feels like on all levels, time, space, dimensions, known, and unknown.

Please speak to me in ways I understand.

May all things blocking this from happening instantly dissolve.

May I feel connected, integrated, whole, and complete.

May all of this to process with ease, grace, joy, and clarity.


…Knowing I am safe, it is my birthright, I know who I am with these changes, and I know how to show up with these changes.

It is done. It is done. It is done.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Amen. Aho. Ashe.