About Me

Hi! Carla here… thanks for clicking over to find out more! I’m an intuitive healer and coach. My passion for understanding energy, human psychology, and our health started when I was just a kid.

As an athlete growing up, I was highly aware of my body and how it responded to diet and exercise, and mental and physical stress. Thirsty for knowledge on the subject, I made health and wellness my focus as early as high school.

My college career began with a focus on sports medicine (I paid my way through college by being a personal trainer at a local gym), and veered in the direction of holistic health as I discovered meditation, and began an introspective journey. I participated in over twenty workshops on meditation, energy healing, love, sexuality, communication, massage, body awareness, and countless other “self-discovery” workshops.

In my late 20’s I started to have some health issues: digestive issues, migraines, bags under my eyes, no energy, and bouts of depression. I studied every health book I could find regarding diet, lifestyle changes, disease, and mental and spiritual health. It was through these studies that I discovered, and fell in love with, Chinese Medicine. I wanted to incorporate the fundamentals and foundations into my daily life, and began building them into my practice.

After graduating from San Francisco State University with a B.A. in Holistic Health, Psychology & Kinesiology, I began coaching friends and family and discovered my love for helping others heal mentally, physically and emotionally. With a focus on the mind-body-spirit connection, a highly intuitive approach, and a passion for researching the most up-to-date information on diet and nutrition, I help my clients uncover their path to wellness. Growing up in northern Indiana I developed that friendly Midwest attitude that we’re known for in those parts. I gained a broader cultural awareness after being called to some of the most beautiful, healing, and vibrant cities in the United States, including Denver, Boulder, New York City, Boston, Santa Cruz, and Berkeley.

Through my travels, it has become clear that being close to the ocean and year-round warmth are two components that truly feed my soul. The spirits are calling again and I’m being pulled to the beauty of Santa Monica. In May of 2013, I will make Southern California my new home where I can surf in warmer waters, enjoy the occasional beach bonfire, and soak up Vitamin D the old fashioned way. I currently live a paleo-based lifestyle, enjoy having my toes in the sand, sunshine on my face, and a dog by my side.

Stacey Ellen

Certified Success Coach// San Diego

Carla is such a gift and bright healing light in this world!

I have known her for a while but had no idea of her depth of knowledge and background in various healing modalities. I was seeking clarity around a couple things related to my business, and having a hard time connecting within to hear my answers.

After one session with Carla, I have new tools to manage my energy, get centered to my own highest truths, and gain quick clarity around specific situations in my business.

Her intuition is spot on and I loved her calm, loving, present way she holds space and leads the way. We cleared some past things keeping me stuck and I feel very clear and confident to move forward with ease.

If you are feeling stuck or confused in any area of life or business, allow Carla to be your guide to your knowing.